Caroline Bertram                               





about the artist


Caroline Bertram is a visual anthropologist and ceramic

artist based in Berlin, Germany. She is drawn to clay because of

its plasticity, tactility and intimacy within our daily

lives. Inspired by the body as vessel, she draws upon the

materiality of clay to explore expression and

communication in ceramic form. Her sculptures are

timeless morphs which seek to engage with the viewer by

tapping into the consciousness of what is known/

common/familiar, while also tickling the curiosity towards

the unknown/alien/weird. Drawn to more abstract

references to the anthropomorphic as well as non-human

life forms, her pieces incorporate communicative

elements that are an inquiry into me and you, us and

them, the thisworldly and the otherwordly. The portrayal

of the form is never explicitly human nor proportional to

beings we know, they are references only to themselves

and the associations that they evoke.